Keesing ID Workshop

Enables you to perform professional ID checks.

Learn how to verify ID documents, recognise counterfeits and spot imposter (look-a-like) fraud. The workshops are giving by experienced document experts and offer various features and benefits:

  • How to use inspection tools – Doculus Lumus®
  • Investigate ID documents and security features
  • Detection of counterfeit and forged ID documents
  • Profiling & verification techniques
  • Focus on everyday situations
  • Trained by experienced document experts
  • Certificate of participation
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We offer various ID Workshops

Our on-the-spot ID workshops teach the skills needed to verify ID documents, recognise forgeries and prevent fraud. This is possible in various levels, contact us to learn more about the Keesing ID Academy and the types of services it can provide for you.


Basic theory on the inspection of ID documents and practical examples.


Building a profound knowledge of ID documents through in-depth training.

Scans and copies

Learn how to check (digital) copies of ID documents and get on-the-job training.
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Theory & Skills

During the workshops, participants learn how to recognise and inspect security features. The course material is based on everyday situations and contains many practical tips.

Profiling and Imposter Fraud

These courses also cover profiling techniques, which are used to assess whether the person presenting a document is also its legal holder. During this part of the workshop, participants learn how to work with photographs and how to ask the document holder relevant questions.


The workshops teach participants the knowledge and skills needed to conduct an ID check and recognize genuine, forged and counterfeit documents.

The skills learned during the workshops will also enable participants to establish – in a customer-friendly manner – whether the person presenting the document is its legal holder. All participants receive an abridged reference manual and a certificate of participation.

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Given by experienced document experts

The workshops are given by the experienced document specialists of the ID Academy. Our experienced trainers are experts in the investigation of document fraud.

These trainers share their knowledge by giving ID document authentication workshops all over the world. Teaching participants the basic theory and skills needed to recognize counterfeits, forgeries and check ID documents.

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